We are passionate about data analytics


Data is changing the way organisations operate. Legible Data enables your organisation to use data to help transform and drive business performance to the next level.

We bring together transformational strategies, advanced data analytics, training and mentoring to help you deliver effective, targeted solutions, that enable data driven decision making.


Data Driven Transformation

We love data. We want to understand how we can help transform your organisation using your data, developing strategies to maximise the value of your data and aligning it to your goals and objectives.

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Data Analytics/Science Solutions

We use state-of-the art data analytics and develop custom solutions to provide actionable insights, allowing your teams to deliver their expertise in the most effective manner and generating value for your business.

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Data Science Training

Part of the journey to becoming data driven organisations is empowering personnel to develop their skills in this domain. Legible Data has a series of training modules to help build your internal capability.

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With more than 20 years combined experience, we understand the challenges facing your organisation in todays business environment.


The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.

— Arthur C. Nielsen


Client driven

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